How do I integrate with your store?

Fast to integrate and keeps you in charge of your inventory and shipping.  You receive orders & payments in real-time. REQUIREMENTS: Shopify, Big Commerce, or Wix and Stripe or PayPal account

What revenue share do you take?

Our revenue share is 35%. The orders and payments are issued to you in real-time.

What happens with shipping & returns?

You can setup shipping policy when you create an account and you are notified about returns in real-time.

What if we run out of inventory on our end?

We are notified when the item is no longer available and will remove it from our store.

Will you feature/sell all our products?

We will most of the time pic a selection of your products to sell, however that depends on the brand per brand basis and how extensive their product line and inventory is.


Are brands automatically included in every popup event?

No, we invite brands to participate in popup events depending on location and theme of the popup. Brands can alway decline to participate. However even when brands aren't invited to a specific event, there's still an opportunity for the founder to speak on the panel at the event, join our networking investor party or to create a custom brand activation.

What revenue share do you take at events?

We take 40% revenue share. We issue payment within 10 days after event is completed.

What product and how many SKUs will I have to send in?

We will make custom product/brand selections for each popup experience and will let brands know then depending on the physical space and theme.

Who is responsible to ship inventory?

Brands are responsible to ship the product prior to event and include the return shipping label for any unsold product.

What is any product gets damaged?

We are responsible for any damages that happen in our care. If product gets damages during shipping then the responsibility falls on the shipping provider.