It was in the middle of the pandemic when everything seemed to be spiraling backward for women (even less investment, loss of jobs, dealing with kids while working) when I decided to do something to support women-owned businesses. I quickly realized that it was easier said than done; after getting lost on the net for months searching and ending up with endless different shopping carts, I knew this problem needed a solution.

Women make 85% of all purchases, which is 12 trillion dollars. We should be able to divert this purchasing power back to women-owned businesses with one swipe, just like on Amazon. So I've decided to build a shopping destination where you can discover the best women-owned brands all in one place.

Being a single mom, entrepreneur, and immigrant, I can really relate to the challenges we go through to bring our businesses to life. I've also been a creative director for 16+ years, working on many fashion and beauty campaigns and editorials, and have been developing software for the last five years. MADE is a coming together of all my past skill and passions to create something that benefits women.