It's that time of the year when we get to take our clothes off again. Know that you are beautiful no matter what shape, size, or color you are. Perfectly imperfect. Only one. Now let’s find you the best swimsuit to cover up just that little bit.

We selected a range of swimwear brands made by women that will fit any pocket or style and they all are just stunning. Are you ready?


1. KAISO by Trishelle Leacock

At 22, Trinidad and Tobago-born and self taught designer founded Kaiso. In 2018 she decided to pursue her designs inspired by her Island upbringing, passion for creating, and love for swimwear. Kaiso is inspired by Resort-wear with a Caribbean aesthetic. Kaiso offers vivid prints, clean-cut shapes, and high quality materials to make each swimsuit the perfect combination of luxury and comfort that flatters the body. Kaiso is an ever-growing brand and they offer bikinis and one-piece suits currently.

green sexy one piece swimsuit

Cost: ranging between $58-$90 


2. ANDIE by Melanie Travis

Andie was founded to make swimsuit shopping easy while maintaining stylish swimwear! The swimsuits are designed to to be well-cut lessening the need for adjustments while you’re wearing it. Andie offers a rewards club for discounts. You can get 15% off your first purchase by joining an email list. Andie offers a wide range of styles from two-pieces to one pieces to intimates and loungewear. The sizes offered are XS-XXXL.

black one piece swimsuit

Cost: ranging from $45-$125 for a one piece and $20-$75 two piece


3. SUMMERSALT by Lori Coulter & Reshma Chattaram Chamberlin

SummerSalt was founded to create comfortable clothing that is stylish. They use recycled materials to create the product and packaging to be sustainable. SummerSalt offers a wide variety of items, swimsuits and cover ups, loungewear, activewear, clothing, and pajamas. They offer free shipping on your first order of $95 or more by joining an email list.

black and white one piece swimsuit

Cost: ranging between $45-$145


4. FRANKIE'S BIKINI by Francesca Aiello

In 2012 the founder of Frankie’s Bikinis, Francesca Aiello, began her mission to create a perfect bikini after her mother encouraged her to have her bikinis custom made. She began making swimsuits for her friends and debuted on Instagram. In 2014 she became the youngest designer to make a Swim Week debut. Frankie’s Bikinis have been worn by celebrities such as Kylie and Kendall Jenner. Frankie’s Bikinis can be found in retail stores such as Victoria’s Secret. A wide range of swimwear is offered, including a curve section.

pink bikinis

Cost: ranging between $80-$140 for bikinis and $175-$195 for one piece


5. MIKOH by Oleema and Kalani Miller

With Mikoh swimsuits discover the assortment of lightweight fabrics, floaty tiered silhouettes, strapless linen elegance for all occasions, moods, and weather. They offer a variety of styles including sporty, triangle, asymmetrical, full coverage, and more for a suit. They offer bikinis in prints or solid colors.

blue two piece swimsuit bikini

Cost: ranging between $85-$146 


6. EBERJEY by Ali Mejia & Mariela Rovito

Born in El Salvador and raised in Miami, Ali Mejia, had a passion for design and luxury pajamas from an early age. She helped found Eberjey to create comfortable, beautiful designs that encourage confidence and a relaxed lifestyle. Co-founder Mariela Rovito was born in Buenos Aires and raised in Miami. She is a self-starter entrepreneur who founded Eberyjey alongside Ali. Eberjey is always looking for more sustainable ways to lower their carbon footprint, either more sustainable fabrics or packaging. They create effortless and timeless styles. Eberjey has a wide variety of items including pajama tops and bottoms, bras and bralettes, lingerie, rompers and jumpsuits, and more. The prices of these items range based on the pieces. 

lavender two piece swimsuit with ruffles

Cost: ranging between $88-$189 


7. WOLVEN THREADS by Kiran Jade

Founded Wolven Threads with fashion and sustainability in mind. They believe in sustainability, body positivity, diversity, and creativity. Wolven is carbon neutral in their effort to remain sustainable. They even offer a spot for pre-loved items! Members can sell their items online at a discounted price so they can have a longer life. Wolven offers many styles including more basic colors and prints. They even offer sports bras and leggings.

blue one piece swimsuit with mandala

Cost: ranging between $112 and $154 for one-piece suits and between $34 and $72 for bikinis


8. SOMMER SWIM by Anna Maria Sommer 

Sommer Swim is pioneering the cutting edge of design. The foundations are elegant minimalism, nostalgic sensuality, and understated luxury. The designs are simplistic, alluring in nature, and allow the sensual side to roam on all who wear them.

electric blue bikinis

Cost: ranging between $69-$139


9. SKATIE by Skatie Hutchinson and Mandi Glynn

Skatie is based in Venice, but embodies the laid-back California cool vibe. They wanted a brand that was sustainable, such as locally sourced manufactures and compostable mailers. They use surplus and recycled fabrics to make great-quality looking swimwear to make you look great too. Skatie offers fun prints or basic colors in their pieces and they have a very wide variety of styles.

pink bikini with long sleeve top

Cost: ranging between $55-$165. 


10. LOKIKI by Jen Dwin and Jen DeLory

Lokiki creates swimwear that is modernist, beautiful, functional, and made for living in. Lokiki takes inspiration from art, architecture, and the natural world and translates those ideas into silhouettes, prints, and hues. Lokiki is a sustainable brand, using 100% recycled nylon and producing locally and in small batches to reduce their carbon footprint.

white one piece swimsuit

Cost: ranging between $95-$165


11. LONDRE by Ainsley Rose and Hannah Todd

Ainsley and Hannah were inspired to create the most flattering, high quality garments with the lowest possible impact. So far, Londre has recycled over 750,000 plastic bottles off the beaches and streets with their sustainable offers. Londre offers a wide range of styles and colors to choose from.

black one piece swimsuit

Cost: ranging between $61-$185


12. HEART OF SUN by Sophia Lima

Bahamas designer Sophia Lima knows that a girls swimwear collection is important. Heart of Sun was born from a love of dancing under the sun, unafraid of what’s next. Sophia set out to create swimwear that was bold, unique, and tailor-fitted for all body types. Sophia’s designs have been worn by celebrities like Kim Kardashian. Heart of Sun uses materials made from recycled water bottles and makes limited production so they don’t over produce. Heart of Sun offers a variety of fun prints.

pattern pink and blue bikinis

Cost: ranging between $66-$182 per piece


13. MONDAY SWIMWEAR by Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman

Monday Swimwear was founded on the ideas of iconic feminine designs, immaculate fit, soft-to-touch material, and enduring quality. Monday is designed for the minimalist woman who is stylish, confident, and carefree. Even though the brand is minimalistic they still offer cute and fashionable colors.

rose bikini with supported bra

Cost: ranging between $70-$190


14. JADE SWIM by Brittany Kozerski

Jade Swim is a simple and classic suit with an edge. Former fashion editor and stylist Brittany Kozerski founded Jade Swim to combine her minimalist aesthetic with innovative silhouettes and unique design details. These suits were designed with flexibility in mind, as swim or ready-to-wear. Jade Swim uses eco-friendly packaging and recycled materia. Jade Swim offers classic colored suits with a modern design.

orange bikini

Cost: ranging from $198-$245 for a one piece and $80-$120 for bikinis


15. LEA THE LABEL by Lea Daaboul

Lea the Label was founded with a deep-rooted connection to the ocean, being influenced by wellbeing, and having wide visions of sustainability. Travel, architecture, nature, and interiors helped fuse the passions of well being and design to create minimalistic chic swimwear. Lea the Label believes in sustainability so they offer eco-friendly Italian fabrics to  lower their carbon footprint. They made considerate choices about the material they use and their swimwear is designed to last for seasons.  Lea the Label offers many solid color choices and different styles for the tops and bottoms of the bikinis.

mocha two piece swimsuit

Cost: ranging between $80-$95 for each bikini piece. One-pieces are around $185. 


16. MBM SWIM by Marcia Maxwell

MBM Swim was founded by self-taught designer Marcia that wanted to combine her love for structured silhouettes and clean lines with her love for swimwear. She wants to create swimwear that is chic, elegant, and sexy. The suits offer fun colors as well as unique design that isn’t usually seen in a swimwear market. The website also offers AfterPay, which allows you to pay in four payments over time.

green swimsuit one piece 

Cost: ranging for bikini tops and bottoms is around $50-$95 per piece. For one-piece suits it ranges between $140-$175


17. SQORPIOS by Chiara Bransi

Sqorpios was founded as a representation of Chiara's core values: sustainability, wearability, and female empowerment. Chiara was strongly influenced by the island of Ibiza, where she resides for most of the year. Sqorpios is a environmentally friendly brand, using recycled plastic to create products. Sqorpios offers a wide-range of swimsuits that are fashionable and comfortable.

white sexy one piece swimsuit

Cost: ranging between $76-$106 for bikinis. For one-piece suits the price range is between $190-$206


18. GIGI C by Gianna “Gigi” Caruso

Gigi C is a collection of luxury swimwear founded in 2016 by 16 year old Gigi and her mother, Tina. The belief was functional swimsuits should enhance your style. Gigi C launched in 2017 and since then has become a go-to brand for women seeking glamorous designs while having the same functionality and comfort. Gigi C offers surf suits, bikinis, one-pieces, and cover ups.

 red one piece swimsuit with cut outs

Cost: ranging between $80-$260


19. VITAMIN A by Amahlia Stevens

Vitamin A is all about feeling good, doing good, and looking good. Their swimsuit collections are designed with recycled and plant-based material. All of their bathing suits are designed to last. For every purchase they have they donate a portion of it back to 1% For The Planet to save the oceans. Vitamin A also participates in beach cleanups to help keep the oceans clean. They offer one-piece suits and bikinis, but they also offer plant-based swimsuits. They offer fun prints or more basic colors and they offer a wide variety of styles.

animal print two piece swimsuit with long sleeve top

Cost: ranging between $95-$325 for bikinis and one-piece suits


20. MAYGEL CORONEL by Maygel Coronel

Since 2017 Maygel Coronel, born in Cartagena, created a swimsuit that molds to a woman’s body, not the other way around. Each swimsuit is created with the focused details to capture attention and to turn traditional pieces into sublime pieces.

orange two piece swimsuit with ruffles

Cost: ranging between $260-$420 for a one piece. $210-$420 for a bikini