Woodley and Lowe by Rachel Thebault and Neda Talebian Funk

Woodley + Lowe was founded to create a brand for both moms and teens to get behind. They create comfy and beautiful sustainable weekend attire that quickly become your closet favorites. They are able to create their comfy creations using sustainable yarns, partnering with ethical LA factories, and extending the lifecycle of their clothing through their evergreen return policy. Woodley + Lowe will take back any item in any condition, even paying to ship, to keep it from landing in the landfill. The comfy crush hoodie is the perfect solution to sustainable loungewear. It’s a fan favorite and so soft.

Cost: $78

Thousand Fell by Chloe Marie Songer & Stuart Ahlum

Thousand Fell was created with sustainability in mind. The items created have a completely closed-loop life cycle and are fully recyclable. The shoes are created with modernism, comfort, and design in mind. They are made to last throughout the years. Thousand Fell offers a recycling program. When you send your own shoes in they pay you $20 to recycle them.

Cost: $120

lavender loungewear with sneakers