Margaux by Alexa Buckley & Sarah Pierson

Alexa and Sarah founded Margaux with a woman's unique foot in mind. Shocked by the lack of sizing options the two friends created a shoe line that involved shoe inclusivity. They offer a wider range of sizing and offer more wide-width sizes than other brands. While never sacrificing style the two were able to create beautiful and unique shoes that cater to any woman. The Demi flat is a beautiful example. A smart design meets a beautiful shape and size and creates a shoe that's become essential. The flat is handmade in Spain with Italian suede. Check out the shoe that Vogue and us is obsessed with. 

The Mary Jane   Cost: $248

The Mule   Cost: $238


Sarah Flint by Sarah Flint

Sarah Flint created her stylish line of shoes to design the perfect one. One that embodies style, comfort, and functionality. She embodied just that with the Natalie in leopard print. The shoe sports a signature shape to give your toes extra room at the end, with extra padding for a comfortable fit. Created by artisan and family-owned factories in Italy these shoes pass a rigorous test before they are sold so that when you purchase them you know they will be the perfect fit for you. 

Mirjana   Cost: $295


Sea Star Beachwear by Libby Fitzgerald

Sea Star Beachwear was created to find the perfect resort-wear and summer water sport shoe for any lifestyle. The shoes offered are created with a water-friendly neoprene design and a protective rubber sole. The shoes easily transition from the water on the beach to the rocks on the way home. The designs offered are stylish prints and solid colors for any occasion. The women's Mariner slip-on shoe is the perfect shoe for in the water or on the beach. It has a Banana Palm design inspired by retro-Hollywood glamour. 

Luludk Love Embroidery    Cost: $89